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Twins Bring “Ripple Effect” With City Connect Uniforms – Twins

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For the past handful of years, Nike has been working with teams to create unique City Connect offerings that lend a nod to different features that make up what that franchise is. For the Minnesota Twins, as it turned out, that meant featuring the concepts of the state’s bountiful waters, its gorgeous sunsets, and the convergence of water and sky.

Unveiled on Monday morning with a colorway that features shades of blue, a yellow secondary, and a slight fading pink accent, the palette is vastly different from what fans have come to know from the traditional uniform. In that reality, Nike has ultimately executed on the goal, which is to offer something different.

Deviating from the chest wordmark that the Twins feature on their traditional jerseys, a “One MN” chest logo rolled out. Described by the club, “One MN” symbolizes being “Connected by our waters and guided by our North Star, Minnesotans are more than any one city – we are one state. The curves of each letter flow together like waves, uniting the “MN” just as our lakes and rivers link communities across our state. At the top is a beacon for Minnesota and the Twins: The North Star.” The star, sure enough, is the same one that was a focal point of the team’s recent rebranding, cast in yellow instead of red.

A sleeve patch highlights the state bird, and comes with the slogan “For the Love of the Loon.” “Upon the sunset waters of our 10,000 lakes flies Minnesota’s state bird – the loon. The body, a single raindrop – when it touches down, a ripple. The eyes, the stitches of a baseball – like our great game itself, a unifying thread. The beak, the North Star – a beacon that, like the loon itself, leads the way.”

The jersey as a whole features a ripple pattern throughout the blue hues. Designed with more of a sheen feel than your typical mesh hole pattern, the fabric itself is something along the lines of a soft flowing body of water. With offerings ranging from $199 to nearly $500 in price, the quality and weight of the jersey itself is noticeable–and had better be.

One of the new secondary logos, the cap patch, may be the highlight of the new threads. Featuring a state outline with a similar star to the current sleeve patch, it is a nice way to tie the jerseys all together. “The cap honors Minnesota, a place of unmistakable beauty and uncommon spirit. A yellow state silhouette frames the glowing northern lights that illuminate our skies, the depth of our waters and the North Star that guides us. “10,000 Lakes” is written on the cap’s right side, a simple but proud reflection of our home.”

On the underside of the cap’s bill is a “Nod to the Purple One,” with the topography of Lake Minnetonka, outlined in purple, and bringing the remembrance of Prince’s love for purifying waters. The top side of the bill is the most prominent area of yellow on the new uniforms.

While waiting for such a significant amount of time has caused fans to become cautious not knowing what to expect, it’s fair to say that Nike and the Twins will find something of a middle-ground regarding acceptance. The refrain of “softball jerseys” is one that should almost be seen as intentional, given the idea of the City Connect uniforms being to push boundaries and try something new.

Fans lined up outside of the Twins New Era Team Store on Monday morning, with season ticket holders being allowed entry at 9 am. An impressive display was erected front and center in the store, with plenty of other events planned throughout the day and week. The Twins will first don their new uniforms on Friday night against the Oakland Athletics, and Flo Rida will be in attendance to put a bow on the evening.

What are your thoughts on the Twins new City Connect jerseys? What do you like most? What would you change?


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