July 19, 2024

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The Vikings Nailed the New Uniforms. Almost.

Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports.

Few things fire up a fanbase more than new merchandise and apparel for their favorite team. The fanbase has long desired a white uniform, specifically a white helmet. The rollout of the Winter Warrior alternates came on Thursday, and the Minnesota Vikings nearly perfected it.

The Vikings Nailed the New Uniforms. Almost.

I’m a huge fan of alternate uniforms, and I love seeing the NBA do City Edition jerseys each year and the MLB do City Connect threads. Throwbacks can be a lot of fun, too, but only if there’s an actual amount of nostalgia that ties into them. The Vikings have a strong color scheme to work with, and they haven’t pushed the envelope in far too long.

The Winter Warrior uniforms give off unmistakable whiteout vibes. Playing in them during Week 15 on Monday night against a division rival Chicago Bears is a good look. Facing rookie quarterback Caleb Williams and presumably starting rookie J.J. McCarthy by that point will only enhance the narratives. There’s just one thing missing. Give me a dash of yellow.

Minnesota Vikings 2024 NFL Draft. Watch as QB J.J. McCarthy addressed the media from the TCO Performance Center on Friday. The Vikings traded up one spot on the draftboard with the New York Jets for McCarthy.

Minnesota’s primary colors are purple and yellow. I am a huge fan of white being the predominant color, and am more than final with purple only showing up in slight accents. The silver touches are nice. Putting it all together and really hitting it out of the park would have included just the slightest bit of yellow somewhere.

It’s nitpicking to take this stance, but the hope would be that fresh alternates could be something of a yearly thing. I have long wanted to see the Vikings rock a predominantly black uniform, and incorporating yellow and purple accents into that could have a very cool night feel.

New uniforms
Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports.

Regardless, the helmet is the star of the show for Minnesota. The all-white helmet with the only purple coming as an accent on the horn goes incredibly hard. The purple stripe on the sleeve is a nice touch, and the purple numbers are well done. These should look sharp on the field, and players will have their numbers pop off the playing surface with the block lettering.

As they go on sale soon, expect the Winter Warrior uniforms to be a hot commodity. Hopefully, the Vikings will make them more accessible than the Timberwolves did with their City Edition jerseys or the highly coveted throwbacks. Both of those were only offered in the arena on days that the team wore them on the court.

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Ted Schwerzler is a blogger from the Twin Cities that is focused on all things Minnesota Twins and Minnesota Vikings. He’s active on Twitter and writes weekly for Twins Daily. As a former college athlete and avid sports fan, covering our pro teams with a passion has always seemed like such a natural outlet.


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