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The Best Men’s Shorts, Rigorously Tested by Fashion Editors

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The Best Men’s Shorts, Rigorously Tested by Fashion Editors

<h2>What to Consider </h2><h3>Material </h3><p>Our fashion director Ted Stafford says to prioritize breathable knits. Fabrics like seersucker, linen, nylon, and cotton are all great for keeping you cool in the blazing heat. In addition, many of our favorite shorts are constructed with a blend of materials nowadays, so you often get the best of both worlds.</p><p>When it comes to construction, we also recommend shorts that have moisture-wicking fabrics, which can help prevent swamp crotch or sweat stains. If you’re looking for a comfortable all-day short, we recommend finding one with elastane in the waistband for extra stretch. </p><h3>Inseam </h3><p>Inseams will determine the kind of vibe you’re aiming for. Anything six inches or less will look a bit bolder, while a seven-inch inseam will be a more understated length. For guys who are more modest, a nine-inch inseam will probably be your best bet. </p><p>To find the right inseam length for you, our fashion team recommends a short that hits two inches above your knee. This tip helps create the most flattering proportions for your body type—shorter guys will look more elongated, and taller men will avoid looking they’re the newest members of <em>Reno 911</em><em>.</em> <br></p><h3>Fit </h3><p>Baggy cuts are all the rage these days, but don’t feel like you have to jump on that style bandwagon. Our editors say that the fit of your shorts depends on the occasion. Going for a dressier vibe? Opt for a slim cut short that feels tailored—it plays well with <a href=” target=”_blank”>button-down shirts</a> and even <a href=” target=”_blank”>blazers</a>. If you prefer a laidback aesthetic, then you can’t go wrong with a floaty short under your go-to <a href=” target=”_blank”>T-shirts</a>.</p><h2>How We Selected </h2><p>To curate the best shorts for men, <em>Men’s Health</em>’s editors and writers have personally tried on and tested a range of summer shorts in different styles across a bunch of occasions. For instance, we’ve worn Ten Thousand’s Foundation Shorts to the gym, sported Abercrombie’s All-Day shorts to the office, ran errands in Mack Weldon’s Ace shorts, and donned Banana Republic’s linen shorts to weekend getaways. Then, our testing editors narrowed down the selection by evaluating these tried-on shorts based on their style, fit, price point, comfort, durability, and most importantly, versatility. </p><p>You won’t find any trend-chasing shorts in here (such as too short, too baggy, too many holes, or too graphic). Instead, our picks focus on timelessness and comfort for the active guy. Read on for our definitive list.<br></p>”/>

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