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In the landscape of the fashion retail industry, innovative recruitment strategies are pivotal in building a workforce that not only drives growth but also embodies the core values of a brand. Established in 1969, New Look, a British fashion retailer, views recruitment as more than just filling positions; it’s about cultivating a team that can deliver on the promise of inspiring fashion-forward living. With a firm commitment to understanding the transformative power of fashion, New Look employs a nuanced approach to recruitment. FashionUnited has explored how New Look integrates these strategies into its dynamic work culture and operational ethos, setting the stage for enduring success and innovation in the fashion sector.

Upholding brand values

Recruitment at New Look is intricately designed to align with its core purpose of inspiring the quintessential New Look feeling. This is not merely a tagline but a commitment to understanding the transformative power of fashion. New Look seeks individuals who are not just passionate about fashion but also resonate with the company’s mission to make everyone feel their best. The company prides itself on a robust recruitment process and a variety of recruitment channels and platforms to ensure a diverse applicant pool. Potential hires are evaluated not only on their skills but also on their ability to foster inclusivity and uphold the brand’s values.

A dynamic work environment

With over 10,000 employees across 391 stores in the UK and Ireland, New Look fosters a dynamic and inclusive work environment. The company’s CEO, Helen Connolly, emphasizes that New Look’s cohesive omnichannel model and its commitment to accessible and sustainable fashion make it a leader in the retail sector. The workplace culture is characterized by a high-energy, collaborative spirit where innovation in fashion retail thrives. New Look’s omnichannel presence requires its employees to be agile and customer-focused, attributes that are continuously nurtured through training and development initiatives.

‘It starts with me’: Culture and values

The culture at New Look is built on four foundational values: “It starts with me,” “Play to win,” “We are one,” and “Customer obsessed.” These values not only drive the company’s internal workings but also its customer engagements. New Look’s workplace is an arena where accountability, collaboration, and customer-centricity thrive. The company supports a variety of ED&I initiatives and has a well-defined roadmap for inclusion, which is evident in its recruitment practices and workplace policies.

Sustainability is a cornerstone of New Look’s business strategy. The company is dedicated to reducing its carbon footprint and ensuring ethical practices across its supply chain. This commitment is reflected in its recruitment process, where potential employees are evaluated based on their understanding of and passion for sustainable practices. New Look’s sustainable apparel line, which features over 50 percent of garments with sustainable attributes, underscores its commitment to environmental responsibility.

Employee development and wellbeing

New Look places significant emphasis on the professional growth and wellbeing of its employees. From offering retail apprenticeships and industrial work placements to supporting wellbeing through physical, financial, and mental health programs, New Look invests in its people. The ED&I roadmap, as well as the company’s participation in initiatives like the Race at Work Charter, highlight its proactive stance on fostering inclusivity. Moreover, New Look’s robust internal training programs are designed to equip employees with the skills needed to excel in the fast-paced fashion industry.

New Look stands out in the competitive fashion retail industry not only for its trendsetting apparel but also for its progressive workplace culture and innovative recruitment practices. The company’s recruitment strategies and workplace culture are tailored to uphold these ideals, making it an exemplary leader in the fashion retail industry. For those looking to forge a career in fashion retail, New Look offers a vibrant, inclusive, and rewarding environment where personal and professional growth is encouraged and celebrated.


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