July 19, 2024

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Minnesota Twins City Connect uniforms officially revealed, and they rule

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For the first time in franchise history the Minnesota Twins rolled out new City Connect uniforms. We knew earlier this offseason that the Twins would be joining the other teams to have already introduced City Connected, but we didn’t have any idea what they’d look like.

That changed on Monday.

After weeks of dropping teasers, the Twins unveiled their new uniforms and they rule a lot harder than anyone was expecting. Like most City Connect uniforms across the league they’re a little strange, but the Twins found a way to incorporate all of the things they teased without dropping the ball on the design. 

The Twins are officially calling their City Connect uniforms the “Ripple Effect” jerseys.

Just like we thought, Minnesota’s 10,000 lakes played a central role in the design of the uniform while working in other tributes to what makes this state special.

A lake theme was the thing got teased the most about these uniforms, which is pretty unavoidable when trying to think about ways to embody the state’s identity. The question was how would these differentiate themselves from the Timberwolves uniforms that leaned into the same theme. 

The answer is to splash in some yellow! 

Seriously, the idea that the Twins were able to mesh blue and yellow together and make it work on every level is pretty impressive. If you’re wondering what the yellow represents, it’s meant to be the sun reflecting off the blue lake. 

“We did this as a State Connect uniform,” Twins vice president of brand marketing, Heather Henkel, said. “We didn’t pick a city, we leaned into the whole state of Minnesota.”

As far as the font on the front of the uniform, it uses the “MN” postal code rather than some variation of a city name, which fits the theme of trying to make it representative of the entire state. That’s also where the North Star between the white letters comes into play, as well as the cap featuring the outline of the state, with waves, northern lights, and the North Star within.

Whenever a new uniform is revealed it’s bound to create some waves — no pun intended. In the grand scheme of how these City Connect rollouts have gone in the past, it’s hard to argue that the Twins did anything other than nail these. They’re weird, they’re cool, they’re creating a discourse, and it feels truly Minnesotan.

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