April 21, 2024

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Mental Health Brand Launches Clothes to ‘Cocoon Vulnerabilities’

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SAFE HAVENS: Can fashion help build community and belonging? And can clothes help cocoon our vulnerabilities?

Simon Whitehouse, founder of a creative collective called EBIT that promotes conversations around mental health in the fashion industry, certainly thinks so and is launching a loose-fitting, gender-neutral clothing collection with graphic prints and slogans like “Non-toxic,” “Anti-stigma” and “Bumper Jumper.”

The made-in-Italy ready-to-wear, realized with organic fabrics, is to launch in January exclusively at Modes boutiques, including its Paris and Milan locations, priced from 175 euros to 500 euros.

Daniel Moors models a tunic from EBIT’s spring 2024 collection.

Mauro Maglione

Unveiling the project Tuesday in tandem with World Mental Health Day, Whitehouse held out hope the clothes would created a “silent solidarity.”

Whitehouse, who is also chief executive officer of Berlin-based communications agency Reference Studios, said personal strife underlies his commitment to the cause.

His only brother had a severe mental breakdown 30 years ago, and never fully recovered, and Whitehouse himself has suffered deep depression, addiction and survived a 2009 suicide attempt.

“Ever since then I have been an open advocate in the fashion industry for mental health awareness and compassion,” he told WWD, noting that stress is a constant. “So many of the fashion community are right now feeling the mental relief after the end of another fashion marathon.”

Aldo Carpinteri, CEO of Modes, called EBIT, which stands for Enjoy Being in Transition, an “enlightened brand that supports an immensely noble cause,” adding that Modes has “always championed emerging talents, young brands and those with great potential.”

Modeling the collection, and sharing their personal stories, are Amina Ladymya, who grew up in a psychiatric hospital in her native Senegal, and Daniel Moors, who survived a breakdown and overcame suicidal tendencies after a tumultuous upbringing and rebellious youth in Manchester’s hardcore club culture.

Until now EBIT has been working mostly on under-the-radar culture and music projects, all of which focused on addressing mental health issues. Collaborators so far have included M/M (Paris), Glen Luchford, Michel Gaubert, Soo Joo Park, DJ John Digweed and Wilson Oryema.

A look from EBIT’s spring 2024 collection.

Mauro Maglione


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