July 13, 2024

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Fans Are Worried About Kim Kardashian’s Health After Spotting This Bizarre Thing About Her Hands At Paris Fashion Week: ‘She Probably Didn’t Eat Or Drink’

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Kim Kardashian is making headlines for various different reasons right now. As well as sparking romance rumors with Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr., the 43-year-old Skims founder has also got fans talking following a recent appearance at Paris Fashion Week. And it’s all to do with her hands!

Akin to some of the other members of her famous family, the mom-of-four is no stranger to grabbing headlines on the red carpet. And that’s exactly what happened when she attended the Balenciaga Fall/Winter 2024 fashion show, which took place in the French capital on Sunday, March 3rd, as fans noticed her hands looking extremely shriveled.

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Kim Kardashian black dress Balenciaga FW24 show Paris

Ziya/Splash News

Kim Kardashian’s Appearance At The Balenciaga Show At Paris Fashion Weeks Sparks Concern From Fans

The Kardashians star attended the fashion show in a stunning figure-hugging black lace Balenciaga gown, which came with a high neck and a sexy open back. Kim first made headlines for leaving the tag on the dress, which could have been a genuine mistake or could have been a fashion statement. We’re leaning towards the latter based on how clever and tactical the Kardashian family’s moves tend to be…

But it wasn’t the exposed tag that caused the biggest stir, it was the shriveled hands, which understandably were discussed at length on various social media platforms. Some fans simply headed to social media to criticize, while others appeared to be genuinely concerned.

Kim Kardashian wrinkled hand Balenciaga FW24 show Paris

Ziya/Splash News

Fan Reactions

“Seriously. Have her hands been soaking in water?! Why are her fingertips so [expletive] wrinkled?” asked one concerned fan on a Reddit thread, which a few fans tried to give helpful answers to. “Wrinkled fingertips could also be from dehydration. She probably doesn’t eat or drink all day before an appearance, and it makes her fingers wrinkle,” speculated one fan.

“She might have a touch of dehydration but it looks like she also has some hyperlinearity on her palms and fingers too. It’s typical if you have any form of atopic dermatitis (eczema/psoriasis),” suggested another, as another thought: “It’s part of the aging process that she can’t hide or run from.”

Kim Kardashian wrinkled hand waving Balenciaga FW24 show Paris Fashion Week

Laurent VU/SIPA/Shutterstock

“She needs water!” exclaimed another Reddit user, seemingly suggesting that they too thought her wrinkled hands were down to dehydration. “Yes! She looks literally parched,” agreed another, as someone else commented: “Flying so far and so often is doing her face no favors… or her hands.” “Yesss she’s shriveling up,” agreed another user. “Home girl needs a facial, moisturizer, dewy foundation, creamy warm bronzer, minimal eye makeup,” suggested another.

“Her hands remind me of that scene from Pans Labyrinth haha,” slammed one user, as another said: “Put the gloves back on Kimmy.” “Not the goblin hands,” wrote another. “All Kim’s retouched photos show flawless skin. Then you come across an unretouched one, and her skin be looking like Rocky Balboa,” quipped another Reddit user. “This is how she looks all the time, we’re just used to her filters and photoshop,” noted another.


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