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Dad forces daughter to quit her job after seeing her work uniform: ‘Absolutely not’

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A father forced his 17-year-old daughter to quit a job he feels is sexist but now she won’t speak to him.

The dad took to Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum for advice. He didn’t take issue with his daughter’s workplace until he saw the uniform it required.

“My daughter has been looking for a job since August because she wants to start saving up to buy her own car,” the father said. “She had recently got hired at this sports restaurant-bar called Walks Ons. I’ve never heard of it but apparently, it’s owned by some football player. Anyways, when she got the job I told her I was proud of her, asked what her schedule would be like, the usual. I didn’t know what the uniform looked like though. I was going to take her to her first day but when I saw how she was dressed, I said no. I told her she’s not working there. This is the uniform for that place. She asked me what the issue was and I told her I’m not gonna let her work at a place where that’s the uniform. Men already hit on and harass female workers when they’re fully clothed. So that short dress? Absolutely not. And clearly, the owner(s) of these restaurants are pervs for how they want to dress the women who work for them.”

The father then made the teenager quit her job.

“I told her I was just looking out for her and she can find a job that won’t rely on prettiness and femininity but skills. A couple days have passed and she still has not spoken to me,” the father wrote.

Reddit users had mixed feelings about the matter.

“This is an employer dressing her that way specifically because it’s sexy. It is completely normal that you don’t want that for your underage daughter,” one user said.

“It’s a sports restaurant that has waitresses dressed like cheerleaders,” another said.

“Yeah that job is disgusting, you’re right. But she’s old enough to work, so she’s old enough to make this decision,” someone said.

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