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BSK Fashion Announces Health and Safety Initiatives in Myanmar

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BSK Fashion Announces Health and Safety Initiatives in Myanmar

BSK Fashion Introduces Health and Safety Initiatives for 1,080 Workers at Welcombine and YLX Factories in Myanmar
BSK Fashion is proud to announce its ongoing commitment to the health and safety of its factory workers [https://www.bskfashion.com], who transform high-quality bags from dream to reality. Our dedication extends beyond fashion excellence, focusing deeply on the well-being of our team. The health and happiness of our workers remain our top priority, underscored by our recent significant efforts.

Proactive Health Initiatives for Employee Well-being

In a collaborative effort, BSK Fashion has partnered with the local Social Security Board in Myanmar to introduce a meticulously planned health check-up campaign. We are excited to reveal that 530 dedicated workers at the YLX factory have completed their health check-ups, exemplifying our proactive approach toward employee well-being. The Welcombine factory, also based in Myanmar, has seen an estimated 550 workers undergo health examinations, continuing our unwavering commitment to health.

Tailored Health Check-Ups for Enhanced Worker Safety

Understanding the varied roles and responsibilities within our production lines, we have tailored our health check-ups to meet the specific needs of our workforce at both Welcombine and YLX factories. Workers who handle materials like glue and paint undergo mandatory blood check-ups to monitor potential exposure to hazardous substances. Similarly, our sewing line workers receive blood pressure screenings to ensure their comfort and safety. Facilitated by the Social Security Board (SSB), these health check-ups alleviate financial strain on workers, with a portion of the funding from BSK Fashion’s plan enhancing healthcare coverage.

Strengthening Collaborations for Worker Welfare

BSK Fashion’s collaborations with the Welcombine and YLX factories [https://www.bskfashion.com] embody our commitment to maintaining high-quality production while ensuring the health and safety of our workforce. These partnerships highlight how worker-centric policies and practices can lead to greater productivity and satisfaction, setting industry precedents.

Empowering a Healthier, Happier Industry

Celebrating the strength and health of our workforce extends throughout our operations, including our valuable partners Welcombine and YLX in Myanmar. Their dedication to upholding our standards for worker welfare aligns perfectly with our mission. Together, we strive for a healthier, happier, and more sustainable fashion industry.

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