July 25, 2024

Apparel Creations Workshop

Crafting Fashion Trends

“At Denim PV education gets down-to-earth”

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During the last June edition of Denim Premiere Vision, the denim-focused show part of Premiere Vision show group, presented its f/w 2025/2026 trends according to “Project Tomorrow”, a new format meant to educate and make fashion school students aware about how to produce a fashion collection and operate in an actual professional context.


For the very first time, two Milanese fashion schools—IED-Istituto Europe di Design and NABA, Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti–participated in a project with the show producing actual apparel pieces for the show’s trend area featuring a selection of items created in collaboration with them.

Alessio Berto

Alessio Berto

The project, was developed in collaboration with Premiere Vision’s French offices and denim trend expert Lorenza Martello. Managing the project was Alessio Berto, pattern-maker, expert fashion industry insider and fashion school teacher. He involved 13 students and introduced them into a professional context.


The initiative was carried ahead in collaboration with professional partners and some of the show’s exhibitors, including weavers such as Berto, Orta, Sharabati Denim, Rajby Textiles, Kuroki, Titanus, Outside Denim Lab, Advance Denim, Japan Blue and Evlox.


The manufacturing stage of the samples was carried out in collaboration with specialised garment manufacturers M&J Group from Bangladesh and Fashion Art from Italy. It also involved the dyeing and printing workshop Teintures De France, and two Italian accessory manufacturers such as BAP Group buttons and Emmetex labels.


“This initiative sets a new direction in educating fashion students,” commented Alessio Berto.


“Fashion students are often involved in developing their own fashion collections for end-of-course and graduation fashion shows. Though, they hardly find occasions to learn how an industrial and professional context works and how to make their creativity match with actual industry needs,” commented Alessio Berto.

Denim PV trend forecast project f/w 2025/2026

Denim PV trend forecast project f/w 2025/2026

“We offered them the opportunity to see how an actual garment making process works—from designing seasonal trends, to pattern design and pattern making, through garment construction and garment manufacturing up to finishing of the items and a final photo shoot,” he explained underlining the various steps of the highly involving project.

As the season’s main theme, and the collection’s starting point, was “Radicality”, students developed their own vision for making such megatrend expressed through actual pieces.

They confronted themselves with a mix of aspects where extremes collide, giving rise to innovative hybrids. They found out ways to show how opulence meets purity, structure meets softness, and technicality is juxtaposed with craftsmanship. The final silhouettes they developed captured these polarities, with a focus on finishing, such as color, prints and embellishments.

The selected students involved in the project from NABA were Simone Bucci, Anna Buccino, Kubra Colak, María Fernanda Escotto and Anna Chiara Rabito.

Denim PV trend forecast project f/w 2025/2026

Photo: Denim PV/Elisa Bontempo

Denim PV trend forecast project f/w 2025/2026

The students from IED, Istituto Europeo were Chiara Cantù and Giorgia Costa, from the second year of the school’s Fashion Design course, and Lorenzo Caola, Francesco Gregorace, Alessia Qurku, Niccolò Mattavelli, Leonardo Rosa and Alessia Ferrucci from the third year of IED’s Fashion Design course.


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