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9-5: How Another Tomorrow’s Elizabeth Giardina Achieves the Ultimate Effortless Work Uniform

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Having worked in fashion for well over a decade, Giardina says she’s not big on cycling through clothing—nor acquiring too much of it either. “I am in this constant process of editing my wardrobe, and it’s a lifelong effort to make my closet as tight as possible,” she says. Collecting vintage clothing and jewelry is, however, a passion, and she’s amassed a selection of tailoring that she loves, but other than that one of her most hardworking pieces is a pair of vintage Levi’s that she’s been wearing—and repairing—for years.

Giardina also loves mending and the idea of owning “living garments”: well-worn clothes that are patched over or embroidered to get a second, third, or even fourth lease on life. “I don’t know if I’ll ever get [my closet] to where I want it to be, but I try to be really careful about what I bring in. That’s probably the hardest part of me having an edited wardrobe. Sometimes I have to have that beautiful dress that I’m only going to wear five times, but it’s 50 years old, and I love it,” she says.

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Photo: Courtesy of Stefano Ortega

Weekday School Run

My husband and I take turns dropping my older son off at school. This is me taking him to school before walking to the train and going to work. So on the rare occasion that I do work from home, I might be a little bit more relaxed, but this is very much the way that I dress when I take him to school. I’m wearing our Convertible Trench Coat here with the classic Tabby Boot with a heel. I love that shoe because I feel like it’s really comfortable for my feet. I probably wear them too much because of that. I’m not a big sneaker person, so I love a more elevated shoe, but it has to also be comfortable, which is always challenging. And then if I find something that I like, I will generally stick to it. I’m a typical New Yorker in that I love black: I love to wear black and I love how I look in black. I love the fact that you can wear this coat multiple ways, and the fabric is a hemp viscose that just feels really cool and light on the body. It’s not a heavy weighted trench coat so it’s really nice as a transitional piece.

Maison Margiela

Tabi split-toe leather ankle boots

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Maria McManus

straight leg stretch wool trousers

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Photo: Courtesy of Stefano Ortega

Easy Draping

This is our cruelty-free silk top. It’s a convertible blouse that has a pleat at the shoulder and big sleeves. You can wear it buttoned to the front, or you can cross it over—there are little buttons on the inside. I love a button-down shirt and styling it 10 different ways in a day. Throwing the collar up, bringing it down, doing the same thing with the cuff. This one has a big soft cuff that you can flip up or unbutton and let it hang and be long. Like I said earlier, I’m really thoughtful about how things feel on the body. I like things to feel really good on my skin, and I like the way that this silk feels. It’s just incredibly light and really easy to wear. I’m wearing it with a vintage sterling silver earring from Mexico.

Another Tomorrow

convertible pleated wrap shirt

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The Row

Andra oversized silk shirt

Bite Studios

oversize crinkle button-up shirt

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Photo: Courtesy of Stefano Ortega

Old Favorites on Repeat

This is the same baby tee that I have on in the denim look (which you can’t really see). We call it our “fitted tee.” It’s an organic cotton Tencel. I wear this T-shirt all the time—either as a base layer or as is. I love messing around with my clothes, so I don’t really feel like I’m somebody that’s dressed and finished when I leave the house. I’m always in transition, and I love how the sleeve is pushed up here. I’m wearing it with our recycled nylon full skirt that’s lined in cotton. So it’s a big skirt that’s beautiful and swishy when it walks. And then I’m wearing it with a vintage Bottega Veneta loafer that I’ve had forever. I’m constantly having it resoled; it’s just the perfect soft shoe, but still has that kind of crispness to it visually. I’m wearing it with these two silver bracelets that my ex-boyfriend gave me about 15 years ago that I’ve been wearing ever since that are from that store Love Adorned when it was just a tiny tattoo parlor and they had some jewelry in the front. And then I’m wearing it with a vintage silver linked bracelet that’s engraved and something that my mom and I share and trade back and forth.

Bottega Veneta

sunday intrecciato leather slippers

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Photos: Courtesy of Stefano Ortega

Cool in All White

This look is very indicative of how I dress. This is a white day. Some days are black days, some days are white days. I’m wearing here our recycled nylon cocoon anorak. It has a drawcord on the bottom, so when you walk, it opens up, cloud-like. I like how it feels on the body and how it looks—it’s really breezy. I’m wearing it with our white organic cotton denim carpenter jean. Everything’s a little bit oversized and I like the idea that underneath this jacket there’s a very tiny tee, so as I was walking around with the jacket open, or later on, when I had it tied around my waist, I had this tiny proportion with the big jean and the bigger cocoon jacket that evens out the body. I’m wearing the same Saint Laurent sunglasses, Margiela boots, and drop earrings as before.

Saint Laurent

Kate cat-eye acetate sunglasses

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Photo: Courtesy of Stefano Ortega

Black on Black With a Twist

This is our Fluid Crop Trench, which is made out of a beautiful Italian viscose. I’m wearing it with the matching pant. This look is a little eighties. I like the idea that it’s a trench, but that you can wear it as a blazer. It just has a nice volume around the body, which I think looks really nice with the flat-front trouser.

Maison Margiela

Tabi split-toe leather ankle boots

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cropped gabardine trench jacket


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