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6 Thai athletes who made their way into the fashion world

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From sports stars to style influencers, here are the Thai athletes that have excelled on the field and in fashion.

Becoming a successful athlete in the highly competitive world of sports demands more than just talent. It takes years of hard work and dedication to reach the top, and most aspiring sports stars begin training at a very young age. However, only a select few possess the drive and resilience to go pro.

Among the many who have succeeded in reaching the professional level, some have even gone beyond the sports field, carving out a name for themselves in the fashion industry and collaborating with numerous top luxury brands. Keep on reading to find out more below. 

[Hero & Feature Image Credit: Instagram @est_rvp]

6 Thai athletes who have made their mark in the fashion world 

Supha ‘Est’ Sangaworawong, swimmer

As we discuss sports and talents, one name that comes to the forefront is the Thai competitive swimmer and actor Supha Sangaworawong, also known as Est. This young shark began swimming at just five years old, and by the time he was 7, he had already started competing. With his determination and unwavering focus, Est made it to the Thai national team at 12 years of age. Over the years, he has won several awards, including a bronze medal in the 4×100 meter freestyle relay competition at the SEA Games Hanoi 2021. He has also represented Thailand for the first time last year in the Asian Games 2023. 

At the moment, top luxury brands like Bulgari, Gucci, and Seiko have endorsed the athlete. Est also has a total of 360k Instagram followers. 

Tawanchai P.K. Saenchai, Muay Thai fighter and technical boxer

Tawanchai P.K. Saenchai, the ONE featherweight Muay Thai world champion, is also making a name for himself in fashion. Starting off as a Muay Thai fighter, Tawanchai has been interested in this sport since age 7. Therefore, he began training and competing locally until he was 14, debuting at the legendary Lumpinee Boxing Stadium. Tawanchai is also known for winning multiple Fighter of the Year awards in 2018, three to be exact.

Today, he represents Seiko’s Team Prospex campaign, inspiring others to push beyond their limits and strive for greatness. As a technical boxer, he embodies the perfect balance of strength, agility, and precision, making him a force to be reckoned with in the ring. He currently has 636k followers on Instagram.

Sailub Lertratanachai, professional equestrian

You may have seen her on the polo track or on one of our digital covers, but Sailub Lertratanachai is another athlete to check out. This professional equestrian is part of the Thailand’s National Equestrian Team. She’s participated in many competitions, including Thailand’s President’s Cup 2022, where she won the jumping event. Sailub and her horse, Courville, also triumphed in the Princess’s Cup CSI1 Gold Tour 2023. 

In addition to competing, the rising star has worked with Reebok and luxury companies like Longines and Chanel.  

Alexander Albon Ansusinha, racing driver

Next up is the Thai-British motorsports racing driver Alex Albon. From a young age, Albon had a passion for racing, starting his journey in motorsports with go-karts at just 8 years old. He quickly rose through the ranks, joining the Red Bull Junior Team in 2012 before moving up to race Formula One cars. In 2019, he made his debut in Formula One with Red Bull Racing and made a name for himself in motorsports. Today, Albon continues to showcase his skills and talent, driving for Williams Racing under the Thai flag.

Besides his racing career, Alex was the brand ambassador for CASIO Edifice Watches. Soon he will also be launching his own online store, Alex Albon Athletics.

Charyl Chappuis, football player

Meet Charyl Chappuis, a Thai-Swiss football player with an impressive 1.3 million followers on Instagram. Charyl’s football journey started in Switzerland, where he played for the under-17 team that won the 2009 FIFA U-17 World Cup. Currently, the 32-year-old plays as a Midfielder for Chiangmai F.C., and represents the team in jersey #92. 

Charyl is not only a talented footballer but also a style icon. He has been the brand ambassador for Hublot and has worked with OMEGA and Bulgari. Nike has also recognised his talent and partnered with him.

Vachirawich Watthanaphakdeephaisan, table tennis player

Vachirawich Watthanaphakdeephaisan, also known as Ryu, is one of Thailand’s top table tennis players. He started practising the sport when he was only nine years old. With lots of dedication and hard work, Ryu began participating in competitions and was selected to join the Thai national youth team at the age of 14. 

However, Ryu’s popularity skyrocketed when talent scouts spotted him at competitions, drawn to his good looks. His photos went viral, and he was soon signed by Channel 3, which kickstarted his acting career. With over a million followers on Instagram, Ryu has become a sought-after influencer, collaborating with luxury brands such as OMEGA, Dior, and Pipatchara.


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